About the Services Our Garage Doors Motor Repair Company Offers

Based in San Antonio, TX, DRL Garage Doors offers repair and installation service for garage doors and openers. Cable broken or loose? Maybe you need to replace a broken spring? Is your garage door motor acting up? Need a garage door motor replacement or just a few panels or sections? Need a new remote for the garage door motor because it has limited range or does not work? Our garage doors motor maintenance company has you covered!

Garage Spring Installation and Replacement – Need to fix the spring on your garage door? Don’t attempt it yourself. Call our garage door spring replacement technicians! Springs on garage doors are wound very tightly to create the tension that allows the door to be lifted. When they break, they can snap with a dangerous force that is a serious risk. We have the right tools and are able to install just the right size spring for your garage door. We will ensure the door is properly balanced. We will also properly wind the torsion springs to avoid further problems.

Door Replacement

Door Replacement

Garage Door Maintenance and Installation – Whether you are installing a new garage door or need any type of garage door repair in San Antonio, TX, you should know that this is definitely not a time to look up videos on the Internet and attempt to do the job yourself. A garage door must be repaired and installed perfectly if you want it to run correctly. That’s why you need the assistance of a trustworthy company like DRL Garage Doors. Whether you need a garage doors motor repair or installation service, turn to us!

Garage Remotes Repair- Garage door remote controls are handy and ubiquitous. They are the “key” that many of us use to get in and out of our houses. They cause few problems but can be replaced with a little expense, when working with DRL Garage Doors.

Looking for a company that specializes in garage door sales? Go nowhere else! Give us a call at (210) 839-2194 today to hear about our reasonable and competitive prices!

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