High-Quality Garage Door Installations

Here at DRL Garage Doors, we don’t make garage door installations complicated for our clients. As a matter of fact, no installation should be complicated. That’s why as a trusted garage door specialist in San Antonio, TX, we always make sure that installations are done right and customers are satisfied. We have been in business since 1996, and we have installed countless garage doors in the area.


What we do first is that we let you choose a garage door that will fit perfectly on your property. Not only do we let you select a garage door that’s efficient, we also make sure that the garage door also blends well with your home. You can browse through hundreds of garage door options to find one that you like. You can also work with us to find the right door that fits your budget.


Once you have already chosen a garage door, we will then go your home and perform an in-home measurement and assessment to make sure that the door fits in your garage. As a professional and experienced garage door installations provider, we don’t just install right away. We will measure your garage first to ensure a snug fit.

Sit Back and Relax

After the assessment of your home, our installers will then schedule an installation date based on your preference. You can either choose to have us install the garage door while you’re at work, or you can also be there to supervise our installers while we are doing our job. At this point, all you have to do is sit back and relax because our expert garage door installations team will do all the work, and once we’re done, you can now enjoy your completed project.

For professional installations, trust only an experienced garage door contractor. With over 25 years industry experience, where can you go wrong with DRL Garage Doors? We always make sure that garage doors are installed properly and customers are satisfied completely. Call us now at (210) 839-2194, or you can visit our office at San Antonio, TX.

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