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 Tips from a Garage Door Supplier on How to Maintain Doors in Summer

 Modern day garage doors are designed to last from 15 to 20 years; however, much like every other item within a home, it does require regular care to maximize its lifespan. Which is why we, at DRL Garage Doors in San Antonio, TX, have supplied a few basic summer maintenance tips that will help you cope without a professional garage door supplier.

 Check the hardware for any wear or tear

 Keep an eye out for any bent or loose hinges, worn-out bearings, bent shafts or broken wheels, and misaligned or bent tracks. Replace or tighten up any loose or missing bolts upon your garage door and track supports. Inspect that the spring lift cables are working properly. Regardless of the door’s age, it should still open and close smoothly. If this is not the case, your spring system could be unbalanced. Safety tip – the bottom cables, brackets, springs, cables, and pulleys are all placed under extreme tension and must only be repaired by a professional garage door supplier.

 Clean and oil all hardware to stop any creaks or squeaks

 The simplest job to ensure your garage door continues to work smoothly and quietly usually takes less than a minute to perform. Using a rag, remove debris, dirt, or grease which may have built up on the track. Oil all moving parts like the hinges, rollers, and track using 3-in-1 oil. Heavy oil or grease should never be used. Never oil the nylon rollers, locks, or plastic idler bearings.

 Wash all seasonal dirt or grime to avoid rusting

 Wash any steel or aluminium surfaces using a mild detergent, and rinse off. In more harsh or coastal regions, apply quality car wax to the front of steel doors at least two times per year, when done straight after cleaning, this will help maintain its finish. Clean any windows using a mild solution of detergent and a clean cloth. Never use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaners.

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